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Inbound Marketing

Natora is short for Knowledge Travel Partners. Using our accumulated knowledge of Japan, we attract repeat visitors, targeting foreign nationals resident in Japan and visitors from overseas, with a focus on bringing the benefits of inbound tourism to Japan’s underserved regions. We offer the following consulting and implementation services to local governments, DMOs and businesses.

Information Strategy

Using our extensive language and communication experience, we show our clients how to develop effective information strategies.

Sophisticated translation of tourism-related content including tourist guides and tourism policies by native speakers of the target languages.

Content research and creationInbound tourism target
Simply translating tourist information designed for a Japanese audience is a waste of money. Inbound tourists have different interests and requirements, so information must target them specifically. We conduct onsite research, and provide text and photos that are designed to catch the interest of an international audience.

From planning to production, we offer effective web design know-how and consulting. We operate the popular ShikokuTours.com website, providing rich information and custom-designed tours for FIT. The site is open to relevant advertisers related to transport, accommodation, food and beverage, and retail.


Based on current worldwide best practices, we design value-added brochures and pamphlets.

Social media and publicity
We help you enhance your communication with foreign customers efficiently using social media such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest. We also use various media to publicize your promotions and events.

We research global best practices in tourism, and advise our clients on how to implement them effectively in Japan. We can also rapidly identify the tourist content that overseas visitors require.

Media support
Knowledge Travel Partners understands how to get a story, make some stunning footage, or create a documentary. We’ve provided support for international journalists, TV crews, and independent filmmakers.


Product and service development
We research and propose products and services that will appeal to foreign visitors.

Monitor tours
We recruit participants for monitor tours and manage their feedback.


Talks and panels
We offer talks in English and Japanese on subjects of interest to tourism providers. These are based on independent research and analysis. So far we’ve given lectures and courses on sake, food that foreign visitors can enjoy, writing and photography for inbound tourism, the basics of inbound tourism, as well as PR for specific areas.

Sake education
We provide courses on understanding and serving sake.