A new English pamphlet for Matsuyama

Recently, Matsuyama City renewed its English tourist guide pamphlet.

As Inbound Adviser to Matsuyama City, Natora analyzed the existing pamphlets, identifying aspects for improvement. We prepared design guidelines and shared them with the rest of the team. Natora worked closely with the City and the printing company to develop the content, which we vetted carefully and then translated into suitable English. We then checked the layout several times and made numerous improvements.

Carefully choosing the content
Carefully choosing the content

The finished pamphlet is a sophisticated product, with none of the English mistakes, variously sized fonts, illegibly small text, and explanations that foreign readers won’t understand, which are found in many guides produced by Japanese-led teams.

In addition, Natora is managing the content data including translation memory so that it can be reused efficiently for other projects.

Download the pamphlet.