Shikoku Tours open for advertisers

As the most comprehensive site for both information and tours of Shikoku, Shikoku Tours, the site managed by Knowledge Travel Partners, is an obvious choice for local companies to advertise and increase their inbound potential.

Recently, we contracted with Uwajima-Unyu Ferries, a transportation company that links western Shikoku with Kyushu. The deal covers advertising on Shikoku Tours, tours that use Uwajima-Unyu Ferries services, and social media, including Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. The content team behind Shikoku Tours also worked with the ferry company’s website provider to create English language pages for PC and mobile devices. A banner on these pages points to Shikoku Tours. These mutual links help to improve the search engine rankings of both Shikoku Tours and our client. They also serve to raise the profile of Shikoku as a destination with infrastructure that inbound visitors can use easily.  It’s a win for Uwajima-Unyu, a win for Shikoku Tours, and a win for Shikoku as a destination.

Uwajima-Unyu Ferries small banner

Knowledge Travel Partners teams with web developers, designers and SEO experts to provide sophisticated web services that have not so far been available to tourism companies in Shikoku. Our services precisely target the customer segment most likely to visit Shikoku, in Asia, Australia, and Europe, giving tourism providers in Shikoku capabilities well in advance of other regions of Japan. You can download the Shikoku Tours Media Kit here.

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