What is a DMO?

Destination management is a method of promoting effective use of tourism resources. A destination management organization (DMO) is the type of organization that implements it. It’s also known as a destination marketing organization. Explained simply, a DMO does the following;

ニューマインドDMS Accumulates and organizes information on tourist locations, infrastructure, transportation, regional produce and the like
ニューマインドDMS Organizes member tourism providers, with mechanisms to achieve synergy and profit
ニューマインドDMS Identifies and works to improve regional tourism resources
ニューマインドDMS Provides information through various channels

The difference between Tourism and Convention Organizations and DMOs is that the DMO actively seeks members from a wide range of business segments, and operates in a more distributed fashion. Ideally, the DMO conducts personnel development to improve the capability of member tourism providers.

What is a DMS?

An advanced, dedicated IT platform is essential for running a DMO. This platform is the destination management system (DMS). Without a DMS, the DMO can’t realize it’s basic functions. Knowledge Travel Partners recommends the New Mind DMS for Japanese DMOs.

The value of the New Mind DMS

ニューマインドDMS Off-the-shelf and ready to go
The time for this system is now, to capture present opportunities. This is an off-the-shelf system that can be used right away. It comes with consulting services, backed up by 20-year track record.
ニューマインドDMS There’s no time to lose
This is a system that can’t be easily or quickly developed by any Japanese organization. Waiting for Japanese organizations to develop a DMS involves tremendous opportunity costs, and it’s uncertain if the resulting systems will even work.
ニューマインドDMS A custom system
It’s a highly modular system that can be customized to meet any DMO need.
ニューマインドDMS Cost effective
The New Mind DMS is available at a reasonable price because the initial consulting and development costs were borne by European DMOs over many years.
A screen from the New Mind DMS
A screen from the New Mind DMS
ニューマインドDMS Built-in profitability
This proven system makes money for the DMO through the sale of memberships, premium services and privileges.
ニューマインドDMS World-class web output
Since the website and other output media is designed by foreign experts, the design is targeted to foreign tastes which are different from Japanese.

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