Content research and creation

Knowledge Travel Partners discovers and visits locations that are interesting to foreign visitors, and produces writing and photographs that appeal to foreign sensibilities. Our clients understand that simply translating tourist information designed for a Japanese audience is a waste of money. Inbound tourists have different interests and requirements, so information must target them specifically. When our work is done, we’re used to hearing, “Oh, that’s impressive! It’s completely different from what we could have produced!”.

Knowledge Travel Partners operates, a website offering custom tours of Shikoku for FIT. The site also provides a venue for transport, accommodation, food and beverage, retail and other providers to advertise to foreign visitors to Shikoku in English.

We’ve worked with Matsuyama City, producing websites, pamphlets, and online travel media, and we continue to provide consulting to Matsuyama for ongoing projects.

Nishi Awa location
Nishi Awa, Shikoku

We worked as a team with other local organizations to produce a website for the Nishi-Awa tourism area. We hired and photographed models for publicity materials.

Eurobiz-Japan sake photos
Eurobiz Japan sake photos

Our work has appeared in various regional and national publications including Ryobi’s Visit West Japan, GetHiroshima, and Eurobiz Japan.

Matsuyama Hyakuten Covers
Matsuyama Hyakuten Covers

Each project has different time, travel, and content rights requirements.
Email with an outline of your project and we’ll come up with an estimate.