Media support

Knowledge Travel Partners offers support to journalists and media covering Japan. We can introduce you to fixers in various areas of specialization and regions of Japan. On the island of Shikoku, Rod Walters is available for personal guiding, interpretation, and introductions.

We’ve worked on highly successful projects including the PBS documentary  Sacred Journeys Part 2: Shikoku, and Brad Kremer’s Emmy Award winning promotional video for the Dogo Onsen Art festival. We’ve guided journalists and TV crews from major media organizations from around the world.

Guiding foreign journalists
Guiding foreign journalists

From 30,000 yen for a half day and 50,000 yen for a full day.
Not including transportation and meals.
We may provide transportation in some cases.

Contact us with details of your project and goals. We’ll do everything we can to help you get your story and shots.