Social media and publicity

Knowledge Travel Partners has a well-developed social media network, and we use our presence to publicize events, conduct surveys, recruit participants for fam trips, and whatever other requirements our clients have. We also post to social media under the profile of our clients if required.

We’ve managed a Facebook account for Matsuyama City, detailing the changing of the seasons, upcoming festivals, and reporting on past events.

The Ehime Brewery Association recognizes our ability to recruit participants for their promotions and events, and we’ve worked with them on numerous projects.

We manage a Facebook account for the Imabari Aquatic Cycle Race, and we use LinkedIn and Instagram to extend our reach.

JR Shikoku, Nishi-Awa, and Takamatsu City have relied on Knowledge Travel Partners to find participants of different nationalities to take part in fam trips and model tours.

Japan’s national broadcaster, NHK, tapped into our network to attract participation in its popular Haiku Masters show. We ran a short but intense campaign using several media, which had a marked effect in filling the seats.

NHK Haiku Masters Matsuyama
NHK Haiku Masters Matsuyama

While most requests are for temporary or ad hoc campaigns, we recommend that social media is addressed as a long-term, ongoing project to ensure a dedicated following and to gather useful feedback.