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Rod Walters & Robert Scott

Originally from the UK, Walters has lived half his life in Japan, working in various parts of Japan including Osaka, Shiga, Yamanashi, Nagano and Ehime. He has visited many other regions. Walters has taught English and international studies to adults and children, and has worked variously in translation, corporate communications, marketing and research. Working for both small corporations and multinationals including Epson gave him valuable insights into how business is done in Japan. As a translator, Walters has translated a wide range of business and technical material, including tourism marketing and regional policy. Recognizing that simple translation of Japanese tourism marketing materials is inadequate, Walters resolved to apply his research, marketing and other business skills to the problem of increasing inbound tourism.

Scott comes from New Zealand and currently works in Australia. Scott began his Japanese career as the youngest ever recipient of the Monbusho exchange scholarship, attending Japan’s only tertiary level tourism school at Rikkyo University. He currently uses his language/marketing background in situations which require cross cultural skills in order to impart a message. This has led to roles ranging from market research and consulting for entities including Matsushita and the New Zealand Ministry of Forestry, to managing the United Nations pavilion at a world-scale exposition, to designing and conducting tours worldwide. Collectively, these and other activities have resulted in a global network which is centered in the Pacific, but which extends as far as Europe. Scott’s involvement in the travel industry naturally results in a relevant network, with the associated ability to bring a resounding message to any given target market.

In forming their partnership, Scott and Walters combine a total of over 35 years experience in Japan. With a broad network of contacts both within Japan and many areas of the English-speaking world, they are ideally positioned to increase inbound tourism. Both partners have business experience related to travel and other areas, enabling them to develop tourism initiatives that both tie in and complement other industries. With inbound tourism currently enjoying unprecedented growth, sophisticated new approaches are called for that involve foreign experts on Japan from the planning stage. Scott and Walters are ideally positioned to lead these initiatives.

Rod Walters

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Robert Scott

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Address 1/297 Forbes St, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010, Australia