Japanese to English translation at Knowledge Travel Partners is done by Rod Walters, a native English speaking translator with over 16 years’ professional experience. Our translations are clear, and easy to read.

Many translation companies use Japanese translators to translate from English, with a final check by an English native. This typically results in strange, stilted English, which confuses the reader and defeats the purpose of the translation. You can avoid this unfortunate outcome by using a translator who takes the trouble to ensure that your end user gets something that sounds right.

Translation memory

Unlike most Japanese translation providers, Knowledge Travel Partners uses translation memory. All translations and vocabulary are saved in a database, so they can be accessed and reused easily. This results in more consistent translation and faster delivery.

For DMOs which require large volumes of translation in multiple languages, translation memory is essential for ensuring high quality translation at reasonable cost.

Natora translation memory
Translation memory

High quality and on-time delivery

Our translations are accurate, readable, and delivered on time.


English to Japanese translation (J-E)
Prices are based on one Japanese character.
The rate differs according to the content, and whether it’s a revision of a translation we already have in memory. Please contact us for a free estimate.
We charge 12 yen + 8% tax per Japanese character.
We have a minimum charge of 1,000 yen.


  • The character count is only a guide for pricing. We reserve the right to count English characters, numbers and any other characters in the original text.
  • The price is based on editable text. We don’t translate text on paper or in image data.
  • Estimates for delivery can only be made on receipt of the final text, and are valid only at the time of issue. If the text changes thereafter, another estimate will be issued.
  • If the volume of text or the required delivery date changes during translation, it may not be possible to complete the job according to the original conditions. In that case, we will issue a new estimate, and/or bill for work already completed.
  • If you have any questions regarding the translation or requests for revisions, we will respond free of charge for up to a week after delivery. After that time, separate charges may apply.
  • For environmental and cost considerations, we send estimates or invoices as PDFs by email. We will not post them.
  • We will not do translation tests or trials.

You are considered to agree to these terms when you order.